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At Café Racer Canada, we build, service and sell café race bikes. Our mission is to recycle old and ugly motorcycles by transforming them into works of art.

Our builds come fully certified and serviced ready to go and with a warranty giving you peace of mind that your bike is as reliable as any new purchase. 

Every bike comes with it's own  documented conversion with specifications and the bikes history. As well, every bike comes with a Café  Racer Canada high quality ACE Café, Ton-up  t'shirt with the build year and number of your specific bike. Browse our donor bike inventory which gives you an idea of what the finished build would look like. Once you've selected your donor platform, contact us and we'll work with you to build the bike specific to your style and budget. A complete build takes about 4 weeks. We're always building bikes so have turn key inventory but we're rather build to your specifications. Below is a list of our donor bikes and an example of the bike can be.  Cheers! 


Honda CX500 

One of our favourite café platforms!  This transverse mounted liquid cooled V-Twin 500cc is a work horse capable of 250,000km! Single colour paint, clip-ons, LED light package, custom exhaust, braided brake line, ACEWELL gauge, and rear seat/cowl.

 $6500 - $12000   HST Incl       

 Options: Custom, paint,  performance tires,                                                                           mono-shock,  inverted forks, custom tank 

Honda CB350/400 

This Honda platform  makes for a light, nimble, fun café  with the added bonus of low insurance rates.  The parallel air-cooled twin has loads of low end and by stripping 75lbs off the OEM model, it's a jack rabbit!  Solid colour paint, clip-ons, LED light package, custom exhaust, braided brake lines, old school gauges, and rear seat/cowl 

$6000 - $7000  HST  Incl       

                                                          Options: custom paint, performance tires

Yamaha Virago XV750-920 

This non-descript Yamaha cruiser from the early '80's transforms into one of the most beautiful high displacement café's in the world.  The exposed  air-cooled finned V-twin motor along with the dirt tracker seat and Benelli tank are what make it.  18" Spoked wheels, LED lighting, bar-end mirrors, Acewell gauge, custom exhaust, K&N Filters

 $6800-$9600 HST incl                       


                                                                 Options: custom paint, spoked wheels,                                                                                  GSXR  front end

Yamaha Virago XV500  

Just like his 750cc & 920cc big brothers, the 

XV500 has the beautiful lines of a café .  The mono-shock opens the rear of the bike up giving it that forward motion look sitting still.  Benelli tank, LED lighting, bar-end mirrors, Acewell gauge, lithium ion battery. And, the 500cc  insurance rates sure help the cause as well. 

$6500 - $7500 Including HST

                                                             Options: 18" spoked wheels, custom paint,                                                                            performance tires, custom exhaust,  GSXR

                                                              front end

BMW R1100S

The BMW boxer engine is perhaps one of the most durable and appealing motorcycle engine ever. We have designed a trellis front sub-frame to accept conventional inverted forks  to replace the BMW OEM Telelever front end which gives the bike too tall of a stance for cafe.  We have trellis conversions for the R1200 and R1100 and two donor bikes in inventor for spring 2021 deliveries.  Call today to schedule an appointment to view the donor bike and schedule a build. 

Options: custom paint, performance tires, engine mods

$15,000 - $19,500 Including HST


The BMW K bikes from the 80's and 90's were departure from the boxer engine for BMW to a longitudinal mounted 3 cylinder, K75, and 4 cylinder, K100.  These bikes make beautiful cafe conversions with their single sided swingarm and beautiful lines.   school gauges, and rear seat/cowl 

$10,500 - $14000 Incl HST                  

Options: custom paint, performance tires, inverted fork front end, custom exhaust  

BMW R65 & R80

We could not forget about our BMW fans when it comes to café's and what better than a R80 as a platform. This timeless machine handles incredibly well and is equally at home on the back roads and street.  Single colour  paint, riser brs, LED light package, custom exhaust, braided brake lines, lithium ion battery, Acewell gauge, and  custom seat.

$10,600 -  $14,600 Including HST              Options: custom paint, vintage tires